Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mudthaw 2015 Bread

I didn't enter the bread contest this year, I've won it twice so I figured I'd sit it out this time.  I did however bake some bread for the Athena Thimble's lunch table.

It was 75% white all purpose flour and 25 percent whole grain rye flour (plus water, yeast and salt).  I mixed up the dough on Wednesday, let it rise on the counter overnight, put it in the fridge on Thursday morning before going to work and when I got home on Friday, took it out and let it warm up/rise in brotforms while we ate dinner and then baked it on the Baking Steel under a cloche.  There were two loaves and the first one came out a little burned, but the second one was perfect.

I'm a little. displeased isn't the right word,
with the crumb, it's a little tighter than I hoped. Next time I'll use bread flour and hope for more holes.  I'm also going to soak the rye flour to see if that helps with hole structure.

Here are the two loaves after mixing.

This is the cloche from an earlier competition...and here is a picture of one of my brotforms

I also made butter.  Not in the churn, but in the Kitchenaid.  Here's a pic of the finished product:

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Off the clean the kitchen and soak some rye!!